Uniera is a unique platform
in crypto space.

At the same time Uniera operates as a venture capital firm that supports early-stage projects, it also offers access to retail and individual investors to opportunities normally restricted to large institutional and venture capital funds. Through its exchange platform, exclusive tokens are made available for immediate purchase.

Who makes Uniera?

The Uniera`s team relies on over 18 years of experience in the traditional financial market, and in crypto universe since 2014, having held important executive positions in large institutions as Credit Suisse, Bear Stearns and Citi. The team has extensive experience in the crypto space as both investors and power users. Our deep understanding of both traditional and crypto markets in addition to our combination of skill sets in CeFi & Defi put us in a unique place to evaluate and understand different projects at an international scale.


With a multidisciplinary and analytical approach, we simplify the complexity of sophisticated crypto investments, creating a simple and secure access to some of the most attractive projects in this space.

Rua Engenheiro Edgar Egidio de Souza 510 - Pacaembú, São Paulo - SP 01233-020