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Customized Solutions for Professional Investors and Family Offices

We set up a customized portfolio for your profile

The Uniera team of specialists will format a specific portfolio to fit your value proposition, covering not only the assets made available to the general public on our platform, but any asset in the crypto market.

Advantages of Exclusive Portfolio

Specialized Advice

With over 7 years of knowledge and experience in investing in crypto-assets and over 15 years in the traditional financial market, Uniera brings together the necessary technology and trained professionals to deliver the best conditions for strategic investment of this universe.

Full Access to Crypto Market

In addition to the best possible match for your investment profile, the investment portfolio structure gives you access to all the options of the cryptoactive market, from participating in IDOs, presales, farming and staking pools, to choosing assets with great potential for growth.

Exclusive Access

Uniera has a broad relationship in the crypto universe, which gives us access to restricted Venture Capital groups, private investment groups, influencers group, and “pre-public” and precise information about each project and market. By customizing the portfolio you will also gain access to this universe.

How we analyze and select assets for your Custom Portfolio

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White Paper

Detailed White Paper study, quality of information presented and its suitability for practical usage


Token Economics Study, its suitability for the project’s purposes, oversuply risks and growth potential

Execution Team

Analysis of the competence of the team involved in the project, their previous experience, market relationship and delivery capacity


Analysis of the project’s maturity level, its deliveries versus market valuation, and community already created around the solution


I am an individual investor. Is it possible to create a portfolio for my profile?

Yes, as long as your profile requirements and minimum investment values are met.

Are there minimum investment for creating a Custom Portfolio?

For the dedication of an exclusive service team aimed at formatting an investment strategy in the cryptoassets market, a minimum investment of US$100,000 is required. Depending on the desired investment profile, a larger investment volume may be required.

How is the Custom Portfolio formatting process carried out?

After signing the Asset Management Agreement and preliminary presentation, we send you a detailed inquiry form about your investment profile. This questionnaire will be the basis for the formation of a strategic investment proposal to be carried out. After the validation of the investment proposal by the client, the execution process begins.

How can I track my Custom Portfolio?

In addition to having the accesses and addresses of the exclusive investment wallets with information obtained directly by the blockchain network, the investor will receive a monthly investment report.

How is security, management of private keys and custody of assets performed?

When forming the new portfolio, a Gnosis Safe account is always created for the multisig management of investment portfolios, which provides an additional layer of security to the investor. In addition, the proprietary wallet and individual approval of resource management will always be the investor’s personal wallet, so that he has permanent access to his allocated funds. The other Uniera portfolio management wallets are always cold wallets (hardware wallets) and created exclusively to manage the new portfolio. The entire management and custody process is carried out with extreme security and transparency for the investor.

What are the costs and fees charged for creating and managing a Custom Portfolio?

After the investor’s profile is recognized, a personalized commercial proposal will be made for the investor. The fees to be charged by portfolio management will vary depending on the level of sophistication and active management of the portfolio to be created.

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