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Dollar Yield:
Yield generated on your US$ investment

In addition to getting exposure to the US dollar, the USDY brings you an estimated return of 10% per year!

*Using operations traditionally known in the crypto market as Margin Lending, the Dollar Yield protocol is able to generate passive income in US dollars of 10% per year.

Exclusive Investment

Return Above the Market

The mechanics of Dollar Yield token yields fixed returns far above the traditional financial market products. Through a known strategy in the crypto market so called Margin Lending, Dollar Yield explores the options available in this universe without having the exposure to the direct risk of cryptoassets.

Very Low Risk Level

The protocols invested by the Dollar Yield Token yield fixed fees for borrowing and capital allocation. On the other hand, they guarantee the investment through collateral insurance with immediate liquidity, therefore generating passive income without the risk of loss of principal.

Simplicity and Security

Investing in Dollar Yield Token eliminates the risk of custody of private keys, management of the tokens themselves in wallets and the operational complexity of trading individual assets. Additionally, Dollar Yield interaction protocols have a high level of compliance, providing additional security and credibility to your investment!

Investment Profile

Risk: Low

Considering the nature of the operation, there is always collateral for the loans granted. In addition, most of the selected protocols also have additional insurance against any momentary market fluctuations.

Profile: Long Term

Dollar Yield offers excellent risk-adjusted return, which favors the inclusion of the token in a balanced long-term portfolio. On the other hand, the token can also be used by investors as a safe heaven during periods of market turmoil, especially considering that the US$ also tends to appreciate against other currencies during those times.

Every investment in digital assets come with risk (lower or higher, depending on the token). Past profits does not represent future returns

Invest in Dollar Yield Token



How to invest in Dollar Yield?

The investment process is extremely simple. All you have to do is access our platform, create a new account with your personal information, and select the investment you want to make. You will follow the simple step by step of choosing the amount to invest until completing the entire process. In order to invest in USDY you will need to send funds to your Uniera account.

How can I send funds to my Uniera account to make my investments?

If you want to send R$ you can transfer via TED or PIX. If you intend to use Theter (USDT) for your investments, you can transfer it to your Uniera wallet address, to be provided as soon as you open your account.

Is there a minimum investment value?

The minimum investment amount is US$50.00.

Where will my tokens be stored?

Your tokens will be securely guarded within the Uniera platform, without the need to worry about private keys or an independent wallet. There is also tight control of cold wallet management, and multiple multsig approvals through Gnosis Safe, the world’s largest and most secure digital asset management platform. With Uniera funds will be safe!

Is there a minimum investment time?

No. You can sell your Dollar Yield tokens at any time.

Will there exist any liquidity when I decide to sell my tokens?

Yes. Our platform features permanent liquidity automation, allowing you to buy or sell your tokens at any time.

How is the Dollar Yield price determined?

The Dollar Yield token (USDY) is a stable coin paired with the US dollar. However, USDY market price may have small fluctuations based on supply/demand.

How do I receive my USDY generated income?

Your earnings will be automatically deposited into your Uniera wallet within our platform on a monthly basis.

What are the fees involved in Dollar Yield?

There is no management fee of any kind. The return of 10% per annum is net and guaranteed. Compensation for the management of the resources invested under the Dollar Yield protocol is based on eventual gains achieved above the 10% per year guaranteed to the investor, similar to a performance fee.

Is the estimated yield of 10% per year permanent?

The decentralized finance market in the crypto market is quite large and growing. According to information extracted from the Dollar Yield Project White Paper, as long as there are good and safe margin lending protocols that support the strategy behind the Dollar Yield token, the estimated return will be around of 10%. Although far from the current reality, in case of any sudden changes in the scenario that prevent the maintenance of this guaranteed return, all USDY investors will be informed, so that they can choose to maintain investments at new levels of remuneration, but always exempt from risking the principal investment value.

How does the Dollar Yield allocation strategy work?

According to information extracted from the Dollar Yield Protocol White Paper, most of the resources invested by the USDY are allocated in Margin Lending platforms that operate without risk and guarantee the principal investment, and a small portion in safe farming and arbitrage strategies that seek high yields. The use of highly leveraged positions is very popular in the crypto market, which brings interest rates typically much higher than those found in the traditional financial market. In traditional finance, these practices are also common; however, large institutions are the only parties operating on both sides of the loan portfolio. Although the strategy involves apparent complexity, the Dollar Yield token investor has a positive exposure, but risk-free.

Why is there no risk in Dollar Yield’s Margin Lending operations?

The values contributed by the USDY portfolio are used for lending in the crypto market. To be able to borrow, these borrowers need to deposit amounts above the loan (usually approx. 150% of the borrowed amount). Ex: Borrower deposits $10,000 in bitcoin to borrow $6,000 in USDT (this occurs when the borrower needs temporary capital for other operations but does not wish to dispose of his principal asset). In case of fluctuations in the market value of the asset given as collateral, the protocol behind the loan has an algorithm that automatically settles the collateral to guarantee the payment of the principal (e.g., if bitcoin falls by more than 50% of its original value, in order to face the loan of $6,000 most of the bitcoins pledged as collateral would be sold and converted into USDT). This mechanic is fully automated and always guarantees the principal investment plus yields. In addition, the most robust loan protocols have an insurance policy that seeks to guarantee the value of the principal invested even in cases of an abrupt market drop.

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