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SOV Token:
Gold and Bitcoin as a Store of Value

Store of Value:

The Store of Value token (SOV) brings the simplest and most secure way to store and optimize the value of your capital in the long term, with 50% allocation in Bitcoin + 50% in Gold.

Exclusive Investment

Strong Store of Value

It is known that any fiat currency, no matter how strong it may be, devalues over time, in addition to suffering a strong political and fiscal impact. The allocation to safe assets that appreciate over time, such as Bitcoin and Gold, is an important strategy for storing value and adding permanent capital appreciation.

Complementary Investment

Considering the partial allocation in Bitcoin, SOV represents an excellent option for traditional investors who wish to have more moderate exposure to cryptocurrencies, adding up the portfolio a small dose of great potential of appreciation

High Appreciation Potential

Bitcoin’s price was $1 in 2011, $500 in 2016 and is above $40,000 in 2021. Its market capitalization is still much lower than traditional assets that have much less economic fundamentals, resulting in high growth potential along with the gold appreciation.

Historical Performance

Investment Profile

Risk: Medium

Despite the great upside potential, Bitcoin has short term volatility. On the other hand, the exposure to Gold balances the Store of Value token’s risk level.

Vision: Medium Term

Although the risks are greatly mitigated with long-term investment, the Store of Value token (SOV) allocation strategy also serves short- and medium-term investors, especially due to its daily liquidity.

Every investment in digital assets come with risk (lower or higher, depending on the token). Past profits does not represent future returns

Invest in Store of Value token



How to invest in the SOV token?

The investment process is extremely simple. All you have to do is access our platform, create a new account with your personal information, and select the investment you want to make. You will follow the simple step by step of choosing the amount to invest until completing the entire process. In order for you to invest in the SOV you will need to send funds to your Uniera account.

How can I send funds to my Uniera account to make my investments?

If you want to send R$ you can transfer via TED or PIX. If you intend to use Theter (USDT) for your investments, you can transfer it to your Uniera wallet address, to be provided as soon as you open your account.

Is there a minimum investment value?

The minimum investment amount is US$50.00.

Where will my tokens be stored?

Your tokens will be securely stored within the Uniera platform, without the need to worry about private keys or an independent wallet. There is a tight control of cold wallet management, and multiple multsig approvals through Gnosis Safe, the world’s largest and most secure platform for digital asset control. With Uniera funds will be safe!

Is there a minimum investment time?

No. You may sell your Store of Value tokens at any time.

Will there be liquidity for when I want to sell my tokens?

Yes. Our platform offers permanent liquidity automation, allowing you to buy or sell your tokens at any time.

How is the SOV token priced?

The Store of Value token (SOB) has a value based on the market price of Bitcoin (50%) and Gold (50%, through the Tether Gold (XAUT) or PAX Gold (PAXG) token).

What are the fees involved in SOV?

The SOV portfolio management compensates the DAO protocol with a 0.5% per year.

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