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Uniera Token:
Your professional exposure to the crypto market

Simple and easy

Through a single token and strategic allocation, you invest in the top and most promising crypto assets.

Exclusive Investment

Index Token with a Diversified Portfolio

Uniera Token invests in the Global Altcoin Token (GAT), which represents a basket of strategically selected crypto assets to extract the most from the upside of this market. In addition to well-established currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, a large part of the GAT portfolio seeks to invest in projects with disruptive solutions at an earlier stage, thus bringing great potential for appreciation.

Exclusive Access

The Global Altcoin Token (GAT) is a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) with governance and restricted access to a group of selected investors from the crypto market, including Uniera. By investing in Uniera Token, you gain access to this type of investment, with a level of exposure and upside not found in other crypto projects or solutions in this market. .

Simplicity and Security

Investing in Uniera Token eliminates the risk of custody of private keys, management of tokens in wallets and operational complexity of individual trading of each asset. Additionally, the entire portfolio management of Uniera Token is audited by Grant Thornton, providing additional security and credibility to your investment!

Historical Performance


Risk: High

Due to the high level of innovation and disruption, the crypto market is highly volatile, which also brings great potential for appreciation. Uniera Token, through its investment in GAT, mitigates part of this risk through diversification and strategic allocation in different business profiles

Profile: Long Term

The vast majority of crypto projects bring high impact and transformation in the usageof current products and services. Considering that the more significant adoption of these new solutions represents a growing process, we understand that the greatest mitigating factor for the risk of fluctuations in this market occurs over time, which is why we suggest the long-term investment profile despite the potential high returns in the short term.

Every investment in digital assets come with risk (lower or higher, depending on the token). Past profits does not represent future returns

Invest in Uniera Token



How to invest in Uniera Token?

The investment process is extremely simple. All you have to do is access our platform, create a new account with your personal information, and select the investment you want to make. You will follow the simple step by step of choosing the amount to invest until completing the entire process. In order to invest in Uniera Token you will need to send funds to your Uniera account.

How can I send funds to my Uniera account to make my investments?

If you want to send R$ you can transfer via TED or PIX. If you intend to use Theter (USDT) for your investments, you can transfer it to your Uniera wallet address, to be provided as soon as you open your account.

Is there a minimum investment value?

The minimum investment amount is US$50.00.

Where will my tokens be stored?

Your tokens will be securely guarded within the Uniera platform, without the need to worry about private keys or an independent wallet. We have strict control of cold wallet management, and multiple multsig approvals through Gnosis Safe, the world’s largest and most secure platform in the control of digital assets. With Uniera funds will be safe!

Is there a minimum investment time?

No. You can sell your Uniera Tokens at any time. However, we recommend long term investment in order to mitigate the volatility risks that exist in the short term of the crypto market.

Will there exist any liquidity when I decide to sell my tokens?

Yes. Our platform features permanent liquidity automation, allowing you to buy or sell your tokens at any time.

How is the Uniera Token priced?

Uniera Token is an index token, with a single investment: The Global Altcoin Token (GAT). The GAT, through its governance rules and autonomous management, invests in a basket of different profiles of assets. The individual value of the token is based on the market price of each of these assets, proportional to the investment in the portfolio, net of fees. The Uniera Token price follows the GAT price, which varies according to the prices of its portfolio assets.

What are the fees involved in Uniera Token?

There are no direct fees for investing in Uniera Token. The only fees involved are those determined by the GAT protocol and already built into your net token price. These fees include 1.2% per year for the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) platform and a performance fee of 20% per year.

Is there an audit of Uniera Token’s portfolio management?

Yes. In order to provide investors with transparency and security, both the management of Uniera investment portfolios and the calculation of Uniera Token prices are audited by Grant Thornton, one of the largest auditing companies in the world. Here you can check the last audit report issued Grant Thornton Auditing.

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