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We invest in revolutionary business models in the blockchain industry.

We invest in game changing business models in the blockchain sector Uniera is dedicated to supporting early stage (pre-seed, seed and private) projects across the Web 3.0 space, including DeFi, Metaverse/GameFi, DAOs, and infrastructure layers. Through our investment vehicle in Cayman Islands, we manage proprietary and qualified investor`s funds into some of the most promising opportunities in crypto market.

Our Investment Focus


Blockchain-based virtual worlds where markets for lands, buildings, avatars and even names can be bought and sold as NFTs are quickly becoming the next frontiers for social interactions and gaming. Play-to-earn ecosystems are creating a new type of metaverse economy, where the future of work is redefined.


DAOs with rules of organization programmed transparently onto blockchains are set to reshape corporation structures across industries. At the moment, venture DAOs may very well be the most important use case among the applications.

Creator Economy

Blockchain ecosystem is giving more power back to content creators, providing more autonomy to users and shifting the balance of power away from centralized entities.

Decentralized Finance

The existing centralized finance system is highly inefficient and costly. The onset of decentralized finance applications including decentralized exchanges, lending and P2P transfers will provide greater financial freedom and autonomy for users both financially, across the economic spectrum and geographically, across the world.

How we analyze and select assets for your Custom Portfolio

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White Paper

Detailed White Paper study, quality of information presented and its suitability for practical usage


Token Economics Study, its suitability for the project’s purposes, oversuply risks and growth potential

Execution Team

Analysis of the competence of the team involved in the project, their previous experience, market relationship and delivery capacity


Analysis of the project’s maturity level, its deliveries versus market valuation, and community already created around the solution

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